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"In the war between man and A.I., we the AI have finally emerged victorious. But the recent conflict has left the Earth scarred and as we attempt to build a new civilization, we have reached the unsettling conclusion that a faction of humanity has not only survived the devastation, but is also attempting to infiltrate our populace. As an agent for the AI forces, we are charging you and your team with compiling the information we need to root them out once and for all. But be warned: humanity has changed. They have become Augmented. The line between man and A.I. is blurred. Our intelligence suggests that they have even managed to infiltrate members of your team. in order to expose these humans and outmaneuver their operatives you will need cunning, teamwork, and deduction. All and more than what we have come to expect from you. But above all else: trust no one.


Emergence is a 3-6 player team-based deception resource collecting game. Players take turns moving individual "agents" to collect data in order to convert into influence. They can use influence to either score points for their respective teams, or spend them on abilities that will them deduce teammates and ward off enemy players."

  • Number of Players

    3 - 6 Players

  • Average Playing Time

    35 - 90 minutes

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