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Chez Grunt

Chez Grunt

"Chez Geek is a light, humorous, and fast-paced card game that parodies geek culture and co-habitation, players are roommates just trying to get through life with as little work as possible.


At setup each player is dealt a Job card which lists their free time, income, a special ability that they possess and their Slack goal. Players are also dealt five Life cards. The space directly in front of a player is their Room, where cards will be played during the course of the game. Slack can be represented using any available chit or counter, but every player begins with a Slack total of zero."


"'Chez Grunt' is 'Chez Geek' set in the army. Once again, players attempt to gain slack in any way that they can. Food, jobs, nookie... apparently the army is more fun than you thought."

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