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Convention Updates!!

Hello Gamers!! Hopefully you are all having a fine day today. Belated Happy Father's Day to all the Dads! We just wanted to update you on the convention schedule for us at this point As well as what they are about!

The first one coming up is Tampa Bay Comic Con, at the Tampa Convention Center from July 29th to July 31st. This is a con with lots of guest panels like Q&As and photo ops!! The next con is Fantasm in Orlando. This horror themed convention is happening from August 19th to 21st with many guests including people from Fear Street. Fantasm also has a tabletop gaming room run by us here at Alpha Quadrant Games. We are taking requests of people wanting to run games and have a few games on the schedule but we definitely want more people to run games. To sign up go here!

After Fantasm is Necronomicon in Tampa from September 23rd to 25th! Necronomicon is a not for profit convention where proceeds go to the Kids and Canines foundation. This convention also has volunteer hours available for things like game masters, art show and more! To sign up go here! The last con we currently have planned for 2022 is Tampa Nerd Con. This is a brand new con in tampa happening from November 11th to 13th. This is a brand new convention specifically about tabletop gaming!

Hope we see you around! Thanks for being here with us!

-Alpha Quadrant Games

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