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Anyone looking to grow some Fangs?

Hello Gamers!

Hope you are all doing well, we have been busy as we start gearing up for Tampa Bay Comic Con! With that in mind we have acquired a lot of new stuff that will be on the site within the next week so keep your eyes peeled! On the MTG front we got draft boosters of the new Commander Legends D&D Battle for Baldur's Gate set; we also have a Baldur's Gate bundle that comes with 8 set boosters! On the Pokémon front, we have a Build & Battle Stadium pack and a new trainer's toolkit for those looking to jump into a new game but without the cards to do it. On the Board Game side, we have the spiritual successor of the game Shadow Hunters in the form of a new game called Fangs! We also have a slew of other games in including My Hero Academia Plus Ultra, Santorini, The Bloody Inn, The Bloody Inn Carnies expansion, Mystery House, Rest in Peace, Bloodborne the card game, and the Cosmic Encounter Cosmic Conflict expansion!

Lastly one of the games we have been asked about numerous times but didn't have... until now! We finally have Mansions of Madness in store!! Keep an eye out as these games will be going for sale on site and in store within the next few days! If you are interested in trying these games out first we will be running many of them at the Fantasm convention in August! Additionally, we are looking for game masters for Fantasm so if you are interested in signing up, click here! Hope to see you guys soon!

-Alpha Quadrant Games

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